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Tip 11 thru 15 of the 15 best multistate practice tips
11. If Timing is of the Essence. Use a simple (egg) timer to keep yourself “honest” – CVS and Bed, Bath & Beyond have pocket-size digitals with count-up and countdown timing; they cost $10-20. In timing yourself (especially if you’ve had trouble with timing on such tests), reduce your timing every week. Thus, the MBE-allotted time of 36 minutes for 20 questions gives way to 35 minutes in your second week of study, then 34 minutes, etc., down to 30 minutes for each session. You’ll have time to spare on the actual exam. Some computer programs allow you to set your timing (average per item); adjust accordingly.12. Time off for Bad Behavior. Take off 1-2-3 sessions (one full day or some night/morning combo) each week; that is, you need do only 18 sessions per week. Two simulated exams will make up for any ‘down time’.
13. MP3 your MBE. Record missed law for playback during daily commute to your bar class or study site or for double duty while exercising or getting in your daily 30-minute fartlek (google it).14. Get a second opinion. Use the NCBE’s MBE-AP as a neutral diagnostic exam midway through your studies. There are four available tests; you might do one each Saturday morning – the succeeding two-three Saturdays after your course’s simulated MBE (or in lieu of same if you’re a DIY repeater). Revisit misses!15. Share this page. Like The Hunger Games where you need for someone to be your ally before you try to ultimately kill each other, during the bar – on the MBE, you need for everyone to do as well as possible because the applicant pool’s performance sets the bar pass rate. (It’s the written section where you are competing against each other.) So tell your friends – and even your frenemies – about these tips because the better everyone does on the MBE, the more people pass. And that ‘more people’ includes YOU.It’s really that simple. It is. And, what, no one told you that?! Well, now go tell someone else…and so on.

This program of MBE study should increase your MBE scores. A lot. For other tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your study time, keep watching this page: &

Download PDF of the 15 Tips

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