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Tip 6 thru 10 of the 15 best multistate practice tips


6. Keep track of the questions you get wrong. Sure, look up the answers and make flashcards, tapes, a missed rule journal, etc., for the missed law; but beyond the band-aids, you need to confirm your mastery of each item. Tag the items to be ‘revisited’; mark off those item #s on a separate “Re-Do Sheet.” Keep a sheet for each MBE subject; when one is filled (with your choice of 10-15- 20 items), start the next.

7. Realize a near-miss is as good as a miss! If, in review, you realize you got the correct pick for the wrong reason, mark it down as a miss, and include it with the other misses for follow-up re-testing. (Some online or computer programs allow for this.)

8. Wait two weeks to re-visit your misses. Give your short-term memory time to “take a dump” of these fact/option patterns. Mark a future certain date and session (your most alert time of the day is recommended) in your day-planner, wall chart or tablet. Then, come two weeks, let’s see if your MBE rehab program is working. For early July/February practice, cut the waiting period to a week.

9. Keep track of all misses during re-testing. Same process: collect misses on a new sheet and leave the fact patterns, calls and picks clean for another go-round. You’ll probably collect 30-50 double-misses in each subject. This is your “Hit List” or “S##t List” (rhymes with first choice) as these tricksters are the bane of your MBE existence. At least now you know where you’re weak. Software can often be set to do it for you.

10. Tackle your S##t List. The week-10 days before the bar, hunker down with these bad boys and finally master your problem areas in law, reading comprehension and logic interplay – before they show up on the actual exam.

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Download PDF of the 15 Tips


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